About Me

Multitasking Ninja


For years I struggled with what I wanted to be when I grow up.  The majority of my career involved administrative & secretarial support.  Initially, the fact that I was always the support person (the assistant, the helper) was a blow to my ego, but I have recognized, this is not a bad thing!  I have been someone's assistant for over 20 years, so you know what?  I AM a secretary, I AM a support person.  And I am pretty damn good at it!  So now I own it...I am not JUST a secretary, I am VERY Secretary!

Comfortable Chaos Coordinator


Not only am I a small business owner, I am a mother of four, a wife, a grandmother, a coach, a friend, and a productive human in today's society (most days!)  I have a knack for multi-tasking, organizing, & managing general chaos throughout my life.  I have a dynamic range of skills which compliment my ability to help people in multiple industries with multiple different tasks.  I enjoy helping others succeed.  If I can help someone accomplish their dreams, I am gratefully fullfilled. 

Philosophy - Business & Personal


My personal philosophy is pretty simple:  be genuine, help others, love everyone.  I truly hope the human race finds peace soon.  My business philosophy is quite simple as well:  Not everyone is good at everything (including me).  Some people are amazing attorneys, real estate agents or jewelry makers, but they suck at sales or accounting or social media marketing.  Anticipating the need for help is one of the smartest things a small business owner can do.  Enter Very Secretary stage left...


Karen L. ~ Christian School Admin

 "Choose Very Secretary for your secretarial needs. We did and could not be happier. Kingdom Country Academy (KCA) was a fledgling university model school with little or no experience in building a website. We decided to go with Stasie Young of Very Secretary to create our website and now when you google Christian schools in our area KCA is the first to pop up.  That is a huge accomplishment. Our school has  doubled in size in two and a half years thanks  to Stasie Young and Very Secretary. If you need business advice or a consultant’s opinion, make Stasie your first choice. She is smart, efficient, reasonably priced and a nice person.  Thank you Very Secretary for helping our business grow!" 

Paul L. ~ Law Firm C.F.O.

 "Stasie was a pleasure to work with.  She excelled at developing procedures and strategies that delivered results for us.  She showed successful effectiveness and productivity, and has a sincere interest in helping you achieve your goals.   She  kept diligent records and updates throughout our projects.  She is knowledgeable, innovative and clever.  I will continue to use her as a virtual assistant for ongoing projects for our firm."  

Trish M. ~ Small Business Owner

"Stasie is amazing! I needed to develop, organize and deliver a training course. She went way beyond the call of duty with suggestions and special design features that she created for me in PowerPoint (without me even asking). We met together face-to-face a couple of times but most of the work was done over the phone or via email. I would definitely hire Stasie again!"  

Alex Z. ~ Law Firm IT Manager

 "Working with Stasie was a pleasure. Her knowledge and wit kept a long term deployment project on track from inception to eventual acceptance by the firm as a mission critical application. Her wonderful attitude and willingness to give of her personal time to see the project to successful completion was a refreshing change from the normal basic worth ethic. I am glad to see her moving up and I'd be happy to work with her again at any level."  

Juanita L. ~ Legal Office Manager

 "Stasie Young was our trainer when we purchased and adopted a new case management system from her previous employer. Stasie was extremely professional, with a very strong work ethic from the moment we began working with her. She was knowledgeable about the case management software as well as how law offices actually work. Her implementation and training recommendations were valuable and practical. We were fortunate that Stasie was assigned to our account." 

Proud Partners